Who is the portal intended for?

The main target group is event specialists with technical knowledge and work experience within the event industry. This portal is not suitable for agents.

Do I have to register with the portal in order to work with PRG?

For some PRG depots it is now mandatory to register. The portal is used to source employees/freelancers and to communicate with them.

I am unable to provide all requested documents at this moment in time. Is that an issue? Can I still register?

You can still register. The portal assists us in finding the right people for the job so we can use your information to find you. However, if you were to work on a job with us, you would then need to upload the needed documents. The documents can vary depending on the job. Usually we would need the following from you: training documents, tax number, company registration, health insurance documents, other insurances, ID and a picture of you.

What are “skills”?

During the registration process, we will ask about your “skills” – meaning your qualifications or your expertise. You can grade yourself for each of the skills you would like to offer us. We are often looking for professionals with a range of skills; the more you’ve got to offer, the better we can use you. If you have skills that aren’t listed, please note them in the “other” section at the end of the page. A lot of the skills also give you the opportunity to add your knowledge of technical devices and systems.

How can I gain skills?

Doing an internship or by further education as well as working as a stagehand can gain some of the skills. Other skills can only be gained by being a trained specialist, for example in the area of rigging. You would need to get formal education or work experience, in combination with a number of courses, to get the expertise. If someone wants to work as a rigger for us, we would check all documents and see how the person performs on practical assignments.

How does the skill self-assessment work?

Our On Site Managers can grade each professional after each job against the expected requirements. This data will be collected and will then be crosschecked against the average of these grades against the skill grade you have given us. If the grades differ a great deal, we will discuss it with you. Our On Site Managers can also recommend professionals for other events.

Will I be appointed according to my self-grading? How will it be verified?

We will use your self-grading as a guidance to see how we can use your skills in the best way. In addition, we will use our own records and grading. As soon as we’ve got enough of our own data, we will use a mix of both. It could therefore be that we have a higher or lower grading than you have given us.

How are new employees/freelancers integrated into the PRG team?

You would first start as a skilled worker without responsibility on a few projects. This will help us verify your skills and gives us an idea if you fit into the team. If we are satisfied with your work, we will hope to work with you on a more frequent basis.

Why it makes sense that you give us a real impression of your skills.

Our method of grading is certainly not perfect and it will happen that we have different grades than you gave yourself. We still urge that you give us your actual skill rating rather than giving us an unrealistic picture of yourself. As soon as we work together on a project, we will be able to evaluate your skill level. If we realise that you have given us incorrect ratings on multiple occasions, it will have consequences on your future bookings. We don't want to waste your or our time when realising that the needed job requirements don't match your skill level.

How can I improve my level of skill? Is it important that I frequently update my grading?

If you have improved your skill level or gained additional qualifications, we would recommend that you update your grade. Otherwise our own grading will be used to amend your skill level. Grades are to be used as guidance only. If we believe that you can take on more responsibility, we will happily give more to you. Your self-assessment will be less important to us after we have worked with you for a period of time. In case you would like to discuss your rating with us, we would recommend that you get in touch with our bookers after around five projects. At this time you can ask how they rate you and if you could take on more responsibility.

Who has access to my data on the Crew Portal data?

We handle your personal data with the highest confidentiality; the data can only be accessed by employees who actually need them for their work – e.g. our crew  bookers. If you would like to read more about this topic, please have a look at our privacy statement.

Do I get more requests from you if my skill levels are high?

No, that is not necessarily the case. We need all three levels for projects. You get more requests from us if we are happy with your work, if we need your skills and if we can agree on a reasonable price.

I would like to work as a freelance. Why can’t I state my exact price in the portal? Can I state different prices for different work?

We tend to speak with every applicant we want to use for projects in person. At this point, we will talk about your price range for the different skills. For each project, we will discuss and hopefully agree on the required tasks and your corresponding price.

Can all companies of the PRG Group access the Crew Portal so that I can work internationally?

Yes. We are planning on expanding the use of the portal to many companies within the PRG Group. Your profile will be internationally accessible and you could work for us internationally.

I have registered, why haven’t I heard from PRG yet?

We will get in touch with you if we are in need of your skills. If you don’t hear from us we might not have a project that requires your skill set at this moment.

How can I improve my chances to work with PRG?

The more versatile your qualifications are and the better your references are, the higher the chance is of us requesting you for a project. It might be an option to work as a stagehand or a similar job with us at first so that we can get to know you.

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